... to Western Shooters of South Africa. We are all about Cowboy Action Shooting and our mission is to preserve this shooting sport and provide a sustainable basis for it's growth.

Cowboy Action Shooting is easily the most entertaining sports shooting discipline you will ever find. Competitors dress up in cowboy gear that is either period correct or resembles the outfit of a movie hero (or villain) or a fictional character of the Wild West era. They use firearms instantly recognized from countless Western movies and series - like Colts, Winchesters and double barrel shotguns - and the targets are rather large and close up. The "Action" in Cowboy Action Shooting is what makes it so addictive.

Rules are designed to emphasize SAFETY, FUN and good sportsmanship. That is why it is such a family friendly sport. Many cowboys bring their cowgirls and even the cow-kids along. Cowboy Action Shooters are friendly and helpful people, always willing to help newcomers and keen to share their enthusiasm. If you visit any shooting range where there is a Cowboy Action match going on, you'll find them right away. Just look for the largest group of spectators.

There are people who love Cowboy Action Shooting because they want to be competitive while shooting Wild West firearms. Others love it for the dressing up part, preferring detailed costumes over the gun play, but most love a combination of the two sides.

It is not surprising that most people are easily drawn towards the Cowboy theme because it conjures up times where live was hard but real, where a man's word was his bond and good would eventually triumph over evil. A time when honour was not a word but a lifestyle. And a time when justice was harsh and swift for those of questionable morals. Perhaps it is the longing for these good old-fashioned values that makes grown men and women want to be cowboys and cowgirls. It would certainly explain why they are such a genuinely nice crowd.

By the way, you don't have to portray a cowboy to participate in Cowboy Action Shooting. There were lots of towns-folk, farmers, soldiers, gamblers, bankers, saloon girls, bar-keeps, newspaper men, gunslingers, horse thieves and assorted other scoundrels that populated the Wild West.

If all this intrigued you and you want to experience Cowboy Action Shooting for yourself, check for a club in your area under the Local Clubs tab. If there isn't one near you listed yet, contact us so that we can check if there are likeminded people in your area who you could get in contact with. Maybe you will soon have your own Cowboy Action club. If you already have a club that caters for Cowboy Action Shooting and would like to affiliate to us to gain dedicated sports shooter status to help with the licensing of your cowboy guns, then contact us.

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Annual National Cowboy Action Shoot 2014 in Bloemfontein an outstanding success!

News Just In: This year’s Annual National Cowboy Action Shoot took place on Saturday, the 11th of October and was hosted by the Lion Mountain Rangers in Bloemfontein.

The hosts were joined by shooters from the Pioneer Creek Rangers of Pretoria and the Western Territory Rangers from Cape Town. Visitors rubbed their eyes in disbelieve when they saw the stunning setting the Free State club had created. Untold hours and effort went into creating Lion Mountain Creek, a fantastic Western town setting, complete with false front buildings demarcating various shooting bays, sheriff’s office, jail, a corral, even a saloon to provide food and (cool)drink.

After all participants were welcomed by Reverend Black (SASS # 99165) on behalf of our hosts, a short prayer was followed by the safety briefing. Shooters were split into three posses, each shooting six stages. Some interesting challenges built into the stages kept everyone’s attention and excitement in high gear.

Even the weather pulled out all the stops to keep everyone entertained. Sun, a few short bursts of rain, a windy dust storm complete with rolling tumble weeds, even a bit of hail kept participants dashing for cover or sauntering to their shooting positions, as the case may be.

When the scores were tallied the top shooters were announced:

  • Top Cowboy: Scotty Smith (SASS# 93115)
  • Top Cowgirl: Tumbling Rose (SASS# 87883)
  • Top Buckaroo: Catherine Starr
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Details about the 2012 Annual Year End Cowboy Action Shoot and Party Coming up shortly!!

The Guns & Gear of Cowboy Action Shooting

Avid Cowboy Action Shooter Graeme Smith, aka. Slip Shootin' Smith, SASS # 78513, compiled this informative and entertaining article about the guns, equipment, shooting scenarios and the Spirit of the Game. Get informed here...

Photo gallery of National Shoot 2014

Shooters of all clubs affiliated to Western Shooters of South Africa met at Lion Mountain Creek in October 2014 to compete in the Annual National Shoot. It was an opportunity to demonstrate one’s shooting prowess, forge new friendships and re-kindle old ones. If you couldn’t make it this year, see here what you were missing…

What does Cowboy Action Shooting look like?

Curious what to expect when you join a Cowboy Action Shoot? Click on these video links and see what the excitement is all about: